Meet Jessica Rossetto – Our PADI Course Director
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Meet Jessica Rossetto – Our PADI Course Director

Jessica Rossetto


2000: I did my first dive course in Germany where I lived for 8 years. I have been diving since then and as I like traveling a lot I had the opportunity to dive in different places in the world such as Red Sea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, Mexico, Belize, etc. When I moved back to Italy in 2007 I continued my diving career at the diving center Mediterraneo Sport in Padova where I reached the Instructor level.
2009: I started to work in the Italian and Croatian market as a freelance instructor with some of the most important diving centers in the region (Issimo Sport, Vicenza Sub, Diving Center Shark Medulin and Mediterraneo Sport). Since the beginning of my diving career and later as an IDC Staff Instructor I had the possibility to work together with different course directors, especially with the Platinum Course Director Alberto Calesella.
2014-2017: Work experience at Y-40 The Deep Joy, the deepest pool in Europe. Here I reached the Master Instructor level and collected further experience in scuba diving and free diving, working together with the Course Director Alberto Calesella and the free diving Trainer Marco Mardollo. Since I reached the IDC Staff level I did many IDC courses in Italian, English and German language in Italy and in Croatia. I also attended many IEs and during some of them, I worked as a translator.
2017: I attended the CDTC in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) and reached the Course Director level. At the moment I am working as a Course Director with Issimo Sport, Vicenza Sub and the Diving Center Shark Medulin. I speak fluently German, English and French and I can conduct courses at diver and instructor level in all three languages and of course in Italian. Beside IDC courses I can do Specialty Instructor Courses to reach the level of MSDT, IDC Staff courses, and EFR Instructor courses. In some months I will be able to offer rebreather courses as well (I am using at the moment the POSEIDON SE7EN) and TEC REC courses