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The aim of the PADI specialty courses is to safely educate those divers that want to learn about the knowledge, planning, organisation, procedures, techniques, problems and risks in different areas of diving. When you sign up for a PADI specialty course, you will learn all there is to know in that particular area. The number of dives can vary from 2 to 4 depending on the specialty course chosen. Minimum ages depend on the specific course.

All courses and certificates are approved by
PADI international diving association.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

In this course you will learn how to check proper weighting to obtain good buoyancy, you will also learn how to ascend and descend without any extra effort.

  • Duration:
    1 day
  • Prerequisites:
    • Minimum Age: 10
    • Certification: Junior Open Water Diver
  • About the course:
    Float without energy, flying with the current on the bottom. The ability to control your buoyancy underwater makes a good diver into an excellent diver.
    In this course you will also learn new swimming techniques that will make your dive easier and smooth. You will be able to swim along close to the reef without damaging it or you.
  • Learning material:

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