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National Park Of Ras Mohammed

The Ras Mohammed area separates the Gulf of Aqaba from the Gulf of Suez. Currents transport food for large schools of reef and pelagic fish. Steep walls and drop offs are ideal for tech training and guided technical dives. From June to September you can expect to decompress in the company of schooling snappers, batfish and jackfish.

Ras Za'atar

Situated at the southern entrance of the large bay Marsa Bareika, this dive combines a vertical wall, impressive chimneys and blue water. This is a good place to find large tuna, barracudas and in summer, cruising grey reef sharks. Make your decompression stops among the gullies and soft corals with a view into the blue.

Jackfish Alley

Cave from 60-90 m + Cave 90-150m

We conduct our deeper dives at Jackfish Alley where the satellite reef drops off. Hunting jackfish and the occasional eagle ray pass here. Then we can explore the broad plateau and a canyon that begins at 22m. Decompress along the wall, enjoying coral heads and a view over the sandy alleyway, from which this site gets its name.

Shark Observatory

This site is named after the observation balcony at Ras Mohammed's tip. It is famous for its vertical coral wall dropping to over 120m. In the clear open water sometimes eagle rays and the occasional shark pass by. The rich coral wall is perfect for decompression stops, with impressive gorgonian fans and chimneys.

Anemone City

Anemone City is our dive of choice for deeper trimix dives. This wall descends to well over 150m. It is a combination of hard fossil coral overhangs and ledges draped in soft coral, teeming with life. End your dive at the spot that gives this site its name, a ledge of spaghetti anemones colonized by clownfish, damsels and chromis.

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