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Straits of Tiran

The Straits of Tiran in the Gulf of Aqaba is famous for its 4 isolated reefs that rise from the ocean floor. Jackson, Thomas, Woodhouse and Gordon reefs are excellent dive sites. Of these, Jackson and Thomas Reefs are particularly interesting for tech divers. Deep water funnels through the saddles that join the reefs together. You will enjoy the rich pelagic life and unusual coral formations.

Thomas Reef

Thomas Reef, the smallest reef in the Straits, is our most popular technical dive. It holds the inviting canyon that runs parallel to the main reef, after a sandy plateau. The canyon is a long narrow opening in the reef, with hard coral walls descending to a sandy bottom at approximately 96 m. Three arches cross the canyon at different depths, creating unusual light effects.

Jackson Reef

The most northerly of Tiran's reefs, Jackson Reef has an amazing underwater landscape. Tech divers may enjoy coral overhangs, ledges, and an eel garden at 45m. Current permitting, you can extend the dive across the coral garden towards neighbouring Woodhouse Reef. On the north side of Jackson Reef, the remains of the mysterious Lara wreck lie at depths of 45m plus. The Lara was a Cypriot merchant ship that collided with the reef in 1981. Scalloped hammerhead shark sightings are common here between July and October.

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