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The aim of the PADI specialty courses is to safely educate those divers that want to learn about the knowledge, planning, organisation, procedures, techniques, problems and risks in different areas of diving. When you sign up for a PADI specialty course, you will learn all there is to know in that particular area. The number of dives can vary from 2 to 4 depending on the specialty course chosen. Minimum ages depend on the specific course.

All courses and certificates are approved by
PADI international diving association.

PADI Shark Expert SA

During the course the behavior of sharks in water is demonstrated and general suggestions, like how one should behave in case of a sighting during a dive.

  • Duration:
    6 Hours
  • Prerequisites:
    • 10 years or Older
  • About the course:
    The course consists of three modules, two hours each where you get to learn about :
    - Shark diving : distribution of the species, sharks from tropical-tempered and cold water, underwater shark signals, how to attract sharks, what to use in water with sharks, emergency procedure, safety kit on board, differents type of shark dives.
    - Shark biology : Bone and cartilage tissue, terminal and ventral mouth, teeth supplied without roots, respiration and spiracles, operculum and gill slits, swim bladder and liver, homocercal and heterocercal caudal fin, coat and skin, circulation, reproduction, the seven senses (hearing, smell, the acoustic-lateral line, sight, electrical vision, touch and taste)
    - Shark classification : Syestema Naturae and Binomial Nomenclature, definition of species, systematic, identification key, similarities among sharks, recognition of the dorsal fin and caudal fin, similarities to other marine animals.

    At the end of the course one needs to reply to 9 multiple choice questions, with maximum 3 mistakes.
  • Learning material:

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